Wilbur Curtis TCC2S

Wilbur Curtis TCC2S

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Blend and serve the perfect iced tea from concentrate every time.

Dual Faucet Coffee Concentrate Container - Short 

Key Features: 
  • Compact Design. At only 17” high they easily fit on any counter.
  • Mixing valves have been designed and engineered for enhanced blending performance.
  • Easily adjustable concentrate to water mixing ratio.
  • Drip tray and quick disconnect included.
  • Braided Hoses.
  • Extra length hose for under-counter or remote bag-inbox applications.
  • Rear shut-off valve.
  • Shelf will accommodate two 1/2 gallon bottles or bag-in-box applications.
  • Black plastic lid.

Dimensions: 17.00" H x 9.38" W x 17.88" D
43.2cm H x 23.8cm W x 45.4cm D

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