Butterfly Pea Flowers Bulk

Butterfly Pea Flowers Bulk

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The Butterfly Flowers are naturally processed in Germany. They contain the antioxidant proanthocyanidin which promotes collagen growth and skin cell elasticity. Acetylcholine in this plant promotes brain function and memory. Pea flowers help reduce anxiety, improve heart health, and promote blood flow.

The taste is similar to edamame and it can be blended with oolong or green tea for color and health enhancement.

Blue Chai Butterfly Pea Tea

Blue Chai Butterfly Pea Tea is caffeine free, herbal and organic.

It contains proanthocyanadin to promote collagen growth and skin cell elasticity.

It contains acetylcholine to promote brain function and memory.

It reduces anxiety, improves heart health and promotes blood flow.

Use as tea; add a few flowers to hot water. Watch it infuse the water with the blue color. Add a few lemon drops and it will turn pink then dark purple.

Blend Pea tea petals with green tea, like jasmine, or white tea. You will get the same color change but with the flavor of the other teas.

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